Newbee Q - can I connect a 2.5 drive to my internal IDE?


I dont know if it is possible to do this…and I dont want to mess up any hardware in the process… but is it possible to take a 2.5 laptop harddrive and use it by plugging it in internally into my desktop?

Basically I have this new 2.5 hard drive and I want to install into my laptop. But first I want to migrate a disk image of the current drive onto it.

I made the disk image… so now in order to put it onto the new drive I have to figure out how to connect it to a computer to load it on.

Is it possible to connect it into my desktop and do the file transfer, or I can connect it to a larger 3.5 USB external enclosure. I didnt know if the power requirements are different for the smaller drives…

thanks much


yes but you’ll need and adapter. A google search with results is here

While you can buy an adapter, it would be easier and just as cheap or possibly even cheaper to just buy an inexpensive USB 2.0 Enclosure for 2.5" drives. You can find them for about $10 shipped and they’re very handy if you have a spare 2.5" drive. Such as this model which I have and works well, they’ve had them even cheaper before -