NewBee needs help with DVD Writer Problems!

Hey everybody,
i have been lookin for a while now , so um tryin it this way …
I just got myself the BTC 1008 IM DVD Writer, and i figured that i dont need my old cd writer anymore.
So what i did was , replacing my old cd writer with my new BTC.

My primary Master : Maxtor , primary slave : Maxtor
secondary slave : DVD Writer/ formerly CD Writer

I left it that way except changing from CD to DVD in BIOS

One problem is that it does read DVD, but movie is not playing fluently (lack of Memory?- 512 Ram, hard disc space-how much?- currently 500Mb ).

My other prob is that i cannot even burn CD-R now with Nero 6

looking forward to your thoughts on that


  • Is DMA enabled?

  • DVD burners tend to like being on as Secondary Master.

  • Try a new/different (80 wire) IDE cable.

I guess you found the last piece of the puzzle:bow:
I enabled the DMA and guess what ?
It worked as if it never has done nothin else:iagree:

now i just have to try to write on a dvd

thx OUT