Newbee DVD burning question

using DVDShrink , pretty much have that part down now ,
burner is Philips DVD8421 , uses DVD+ media , main burning program is RecordNow , ( also have InterVideo WinDVDCreator and Windows Movie Maker), will copy Video_TS files in Data copy mode , or .ISO files in DVD copy mode , what is the difference with these files as far as playback on a DVD Player

also , will the Philips burner always use DVD+ or will other software programs change the need to DVD- ???

thanks a bunch for your help , Joe

The burning programs really don’t care what type or media +/- you use. What will care is your burner (ie what it can support) and your playbak devices (ie your set top player, game console, etc.)

Older players have a reputation for preffering the -r media, and some newer ones prefer +r, it’s really about what your player likes.

There are alot of opinions about iso vs video_ts, personally I do not rip to iso mode. This is not because I prefer the other, but because I rip on a win98se box, and the iso image exceeds the 4gig single file size limit my fat32 system can make use of.

if your running xp or y2kpro, and yur hard drive is ntfs, then you don’t have this restriction, and would suggest trying both to see which give you the best results…:slight_smile:

hope this helps…:slight_smile: