Newbe...first disc quality scan on dru-710a

Heres my first disc scan…using Sony DRU-710a on a HP DVD+R
Question…as long i can get within pi < 280 and pif < 32 everything should be ok, what would be the benefit of getting lower results? Does the quality improve in the video?

scan looks good. the quality of the video isn’t affected by the quality of the disc. it’s just the lower the results, the better the data can be read.

@ curtiscwilson
That is a decent burn. better media will give better results. Some benefits of having better burns include less data corruption, the ability to be read by finicky players/readers(clarifying chok0’s comment)and possible improved long-term durability/readability.

Also be advised that the PIF maximum should not exceed 4 when scanned at 4x scan speed, not 32 as you posted:)…

PIF maximum limit is determined by the ECC Sum count used. If ECC1, it’s 4, if ECC8 it’s 32. For KProbe normally ECC8 is used for PI(E), ECC1 for PIF, as is the case with the original poster’s scan.

thanks for the info…I just upgraded my firmwar to “BY02”, from “BYX2” some would say its a downgrade. anyway i can now burn dvd-r and read them from my dru-710a which i could not before…had the same problem with the liteon 1633s…very wierd indeed!!
here is a scran using a prodiscf01 media