Newb with come questions

whatsup everybody, im new here im from lancaster pa. i just have a few questions for anybody who can absolutely help me out. first off, does anybody download movies? what do you use? demonoid, isohunt, etc…? whats the best and easiest way to burn a dvd with a copyright on it? ive been trying to find these answers out, and so far, no luck. thanks in advance to anybody who can help me out

It all depends on if you want freeware or payware.

Welcome to the forums southpoleman69. You should be aware that these forums are pretty strict about legality of downloaded material. We don’t allow discussion of copyright protected material that is downloaded without permission of the copyright holders.

Downloads that are legal, and paid for are becoming more common, but not from such sites as isohunt or demonoid.

The best and easiest way to make a copy of a dvd that you own is a subject that is allowed here, as it is seen as a part of fair use to backup material that you have purchased. You should look in the Movie Copy Software forum for answers, but the two most commonly used software programs for this are DVDFab and AnyDVD. Both are still being updated to deal with new copy protection schemes.

is it possible to create backups of games? like ps3 or xbox?

[QUOTE=southpoleman69;2245206]is it possible to create backups of games? like ps3 or xbox?[/QUOTE]

Yes. We have several threads / discussions about that in our forums. If you do a search for xbox you will find them easily… They will tell you what you need and how to do it. The same applies to ps3. (if I knew how, I would have written it here…but I think you are better off by a search and read the replies from people who do know what they are talking about :wink: )

^ thanks alot. i kinda figured there were threads on it, just wanted to check