Newb wants to back up

hi i’ve narrowed my search down to three potential drives

plextor 708a (or PX-712A)
NEC - ND-2500A
Pioneer DVR 107

my primary need for a writer is as a DATA BACK UP - my music collection, pictures and most importantly my own wonderful cubase music compositions :wink:

watching/copying dvd’s is all secondary but nice anyway

so… is there anything between them or are they all much of a muchness?

and secondly, what format would be the best for backing up data?

thanks all!

ps. using xp

i only own the nec and i recommend this drive, compatible to many medias (3a media, verbatim, benq etc.) and it is cheap, the only disadvantage i know is it’s low reading quality with scratched dvds.

also look here and here

thanks g3ri i’m sold on the nec

so only other question is - which format is the best to backup data to? or does it not make a difference?

Once again it makes no difference really with +r or -r when it comes to data but with movies -r has a better compiabilty whereas +r only tends to work on newer stand alone players and the same for PS2 consoles, BUT if your getting the NEC then theres a tool that changes the +r discs to -rom making them readable in almost all DVD drives, so going for the +r discs would be your best option. To find out more read this thread on bit setting.

the nec drives don’t officially support bitsetting, so if you are happy with a hacked firmware (i use it, nothing to worry abou. Bloody brilliant herrie’s work) then go for the nec. I find it produces the best quality burns on a variety of media.

I just found out that if DVD-R is going to be read in your PC n in some of your m8s PC then “DVD-ROM (ISO)” is OK for DATA n Photos…(Works for me anyway) Hope that’s Helpfull…Most here can’t tell you because they only know about VIDEO MOVIES…n Nothing Else!!..

Not to steal this thread but this bitsetting flash will keep my Burner RPC1 and will still allow me to burn to -r’s right? And what is -rom? I’ve heard of -ram but not -rom perhaps you could explain or point me to some info. Thanks
A quick extyra question would it be wise of me to just start burning all my DVDS in this ROM format or are their downfalls to it in which I would want +r or +rw? I’m just trying to back up my dvd library and am trying to find the way that’lll work 9 times out of 10 for me, not every time but at least a good way to try first that works most frequently.

Your correct in assuming you can still burn to -r.
-ROM is basically what a pressed (original) dvd has written on it so all drives should be able to read your disc.

+r is the way to go +rw is also good for testing purposes especially when trying something new / different although I have heard of problems writting to some re-writeables at full speed.
Please note that NEC does not support bit setting for there drives so a firmware hack is required. If this is applied then your warranty is null and void on your drive but though there are risks in doing this (do it wrong or flash the wrong firmware) and the drive can become un-usable this is rare and only seems to occur when people don’t ask questions first and just jump in blind. Have a look in the NEC hardware forum for more info on this topic, or just ask in here.

Thank You Very Much, and as you suggested I will ask the question, really not trying to steal this thread, but if you end up getting a NEC you’ll use all this info I’m sure K&TI. I have the RPC 1 Firmware flash from dangerous brothers, and it works beautifully. But Herrie has so many I don’t know which one I need? I’ve seen beta 1-9 on his website, perhaps someone could point me to the most reliable most liked (according to the poll it was release 8). Then after I have this installed how can I switch my PC between burning in this +R versus -ROM?