Newb video problem/question

I’m using a Sanyo DRW1000 machine to record movies off-air. I set this thing to VR mode and use a DVD-RW to record. I go back in after recording and edit out commercials and title the recording. Then I finalize the disk.
I then take the disk to my computer and make a copy (Roxio disk copy) to a DVD-R or DVD+R. I thought this was the way to do it but the disk copies will only play on the Sanyo that I originally recorded on, not any other unit. With the exception of my computer, where I can open WinDVD and play it. Exploring the disk I see a folder named DVD_RTAV and inside the folder are 2 files. VR_MANGR.ifo and VR_MOVIE.vro. The .vro file being the actual movie since one example is 3.3G in size.
My newb question is, of course, how do I convert my DVD-RW edited and finalized disk to a movie that is viewable on any home DVD player? Should I use DVD-R or +R to record my final product on and what program should I use for this?
MANY thanks. I have made about a dozen coasters already. I know there’s a simple solution to getting a playable movie with my setup. :confused:

This is no DVD VIDEO compliant structure.

It has to have an VIDEO_TS folder with .vob, .ifo and .bup files into it.

Thanks for the quick response chef. :bow:
What procedures or software would you suggest or is there a newbie guide for what I’m trying to do? :rolleyes:
I would like to keep recording off my Sanyo, edit and finalize it in the machine. What do you suggest from there?
MANY thanks!!!

I don’t know the exact procedure, but it should be possible.
Maybe you should have a look into the dvd standalone recorders forum?!

Or maybe on

Thanks again chef. Most forums have a search limitation of 4 letters or more. I input .vro and did a search. Surprised it actually worked. :stuck_out_tongue:
Teach me to search before asking, sorry. I see others have had similar issues with different brands of stand-alone recorders. Some have recommended Womble MPEG-VCR and others say to just rename the .vro file to .mpg and see if it works that way. I will try both suggestions. I have a virtual VCR program loaded on one desktop already and will attempt to use that later this evening. Will report my findings for the next newb that has the same issues. :cool:

Many dvd recorders allow you to record in either VR mode, or DVD-Video mode. Check your documentation to see if you can record in DVD-Video mode, and problem will be solved.

It does have both modes. Only hitch there is I lose my editing capability, it finalizes the disk. I guess it being a DVD-RW I could unfinalize it and edit it? Never tried that. I DID take one of the movies, copied the .vro file to my hard drive, renamed it to a .mpg extension and it was that simple. :slight_smile:
I understand there may be some video issues doing it this way, depending on how clean the transfer was from disk to HD. Will try the Video record mode tonight and see if I can still edit it, and see what format it actually burns as.
And I guess I can always burn the movie in Video mode, take it to my computer and use Roxio or some other program to edit and burn to a DVD-R or DVD+R. Thanks for the ideas!!! :clap:

Still reading, still trying to get it done. Copied file to HD and changed to .mpg file. It will attempt to burn but it comes up as file too large for 1 DVD. The files are between 3.7 and 4.2G in size. Roxio shows project size at 8.2G…what up wid dat???
I tried DVD Squeeze 4.0, no help. Unless I’m not really squeezing it. It appears to have just run a mpeg conversion, not compress.
I could use more suggestions here. Got the format of my file down, just need to get it compressed down to fit a DVD-R or +R without losing a great deal of quality, if possible. I’ll keep reading and will also try the Video mode on the recorder.
Thanks AOT!!! :confused:

Have you tried with DVDShrink? It’s free and powerful.

The best solution I found was recording in VR mode, editing and finalizing, taking to computer. There I use TMPGEnc DVD Author to convert and burn. It can compress a 2+ hour movie to a DVD-/+R that has great quality. For any other movie files, convert them to .vob and use Ultra DVD Creator or Nero to burn.
Thanks for the help and suggestions, I’m learning.

I prefer this last choice of font & colour to the others you’ve tried. :bigsmile: