Newb Quick Q: BS41 on 1633S, crosspatch or stock?



I just ordered a Lite-On 1633S to complement my reliable 811S.

I know about the codeguys site and the firmwares but I’m not sure which version of the BS41 firmware I should install on my 1633S drive?

Should I be installing the crosspatched or the stock?? I would guess it’s the stock since BS41 was meant for the 1633S…

i don’t plan on crosspatching to CS09 (1653 firmware) unless that’s the best way to go???

Really would love some help…I’ve been reading this site for some time and used some pre-patched flashes from the codeguys site before.

You all rock! :slight_smile:


use the stock BS41. You don’ need to crossflash it to CS09 since they are both same firmwares.


The latest firmware available from Lite-On is BS0S, or at least that’s all I can find. I don’t want to void my warranty by flashing BS41 onto my DW-D22A, but I would very much like to stop making Ritek G03s into coasters. Will this help?


I put BS41 on my 1633S and it’s working great. Burned a few DVD+Rs at 8x while simultaneously burning a DVD+R at 8X on my 811S and the results weren’t bad at all…


u must have gotten that prefect cmc crap media, i have had nothing but bad and high errors, :frowning:


Yeah it was dirt cheap…like $5 after rebates for a 50 pack. It’s CMC MAG E01.

It’s branded as TDK DVD+R 8X and higher compatible.

If you want to get it…look for the bar code and below that is a model number…

here is what mine says:


Although the last few digits may change because the 50 probably means the 50 pack. I’ve been very impressed and happy with this media.


i got a 100 pack of that stuff and it doesnt like liteon drives

i may change it to the richojpn stragdy tho


koolaid try the prodisk r03
swap it worked on my system 1633,bs41.stock cmc mag e01 sux :Z