Newb question regarding the use of clonyXXL

I am attempting to get clonyXXL to work on my system. I know for a fact that I have an old burner that does not support clonecd, but I am curious as to the type of copy protection that my games use.

I have installed clonyXXL, and have set up the ASPI v4.60 drivers.

Now when I try to run clonyXXL, I get the message that all of my games have no copy protection, or have an unknown copy protection. Any ideas as to why this program is not funtioning for me?

Could you post some examples of your protected games .

Are they backup or original ?

If they are protected by securom or by unreadable sectors, clony will not report immediately that they are protected .

I have the original disc, and I have only really tried it on Warcraft III.

Also, for what it is worth, when I start the program, there is an ASPI layer loaded for a split second, and it then reverts to “No ASPI layer loaded.”

Could this be just because my burner is not supported by cloneCD?