Newb Question re: Write protected 05 27 00

Hi everyone,

I’ve been able to burn DVD’s before and even burned one DVD+R movie today on a verbatim dvd+r. However when I was going to use my fuji dvd+r to burn some more movies I kept getting a message that the disk is “write protected code 05 27 00”. What does this mean and can I beat it? I’m really disturbed.

I’m using a dell d810 with sony dvd ± r/rw drive

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

anyone got any ideas?


This is recordable media, not rewriteable media.

Surely it’s finalized, so you cannot add more data onto it.

I’m not sure what this means. Could you please explain what I should do?


You can’t do anything. What he is saying is there is something already on the DVD.

but i’m using a blank dvd+r
that i took from my package

I just tried a disc that I know was empty, and it did the same thing.