Newb question on copying discs menus .etcc. help please

I am a noob copying DVDs. As I am informed with DVD SHRINK i cannot copy the menus, and make them work when making a copy of a DVD-9 to DVD-5.
Can I make the movie menus to work with CloneDVD , elimante some extras, and make it a DVD-5? is it possible ? Sorry for the silly question maybe.

My second question is, How can I make a copy of a disc splitting it to two dvd-5 without reducing the quality of the discs. Which program can do that?

Thank you very much.

check the thread just below this one…

DVD Shrink will copy menus as long as you click “Full Disc”.


DVD Shrink can split movies over multiple discs, but you need to do it in “Reauthor” mode.

thanks all