Newb question for DVD Shrinker

I went thru Part 1 and Part 2 of the Guide to DVD Shrinker. And Im trying to figure out hot to make the extras and menus 1 mb like it shows In the guide butt I cant figure out how to do it. So if u can tell me how to delete them (Menus, Extras) or make them 1 MB I would be in your debt.

Thank You

You delete unwanted content by Re-authoring

The “1 MB” issue depends on the content. Extras can be huge. These screen shots are of Shrek which has a lot of crappy extras and a huge interactive menu in English.

If you click on “Extras” on the DVD Structure, you may get a larg-ish number like my screen shot: at 16% I’m getting 198MB from 1,226 MB. Yours may differ.