Newb Question about DVDXCOPY?



Hello everybody. Im new to the site. I actually discovered the site today when I had a problem burning a DVD. I have a NEC ND 1300A DVD burner. Through research on this website it looks like the NEC 1300A will only burn 4X. I purchased 8X DVD-R(Memorex 8X, 4.7GB, 120min) media. My question:

Since I use dvdxcopy as my burning software and it does not give me the option to adjust my burning speed am I limited to using only 4X DVD-Rs?

I have been burning CD’s for years and always got the fastest CD-R I could get and never had a problem so I assumed I would not have a problem with faster DVD-Rs.

Im thinking about going with this deal:

Does anybody know if the Sony DVD-R’s work the the NEC 1300A?


Save your money on disks and buy a NEC 3500a and use L&D’s FW. You won’t have to worry so much about speed then.


not only that but leave dvd x copy alone give dvd decryptor and dvd shrink a try they are freeware and can be downloaded at


thanks guys for the advice. ive kind of already invested some money in dvdxcopy. i know it probably was stupid. other people have said the same thing. im not worried about speed. i spent money on a 25 pck of 8X memorex DVD-R and they don’t work. i just want to know if the reason they are not working is because with my setup i can only use 4X media before i go out and waste more money.

This is the first time i’ve tryed 8X media and to this point always used 4X with no problem.


I’m not familiar with the 1300a but I do know that Memorex media is usually CMC Mag which is not known for being a great media.



I too paid for dvd x copy then turned around and paid for the platinum because they gave me a discount for being an existing customer but they are now probably in some land fill by now