Newb Problem - Can't burn DVDs

Let me begin by saying that I am a complete Newb when it comes to this. I mean, I’m not a moron or anything. I can burn discs. Its just the terminology and technology behind it all that I know nothing about.

That being said, I have a fairly new system that has a DVD burner (Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S). I never tried burning a DVD until yesterday and my Nero software stops the process almost immediately. I get an error message stating that I have an Illegal Disc in the drive.

I am using Verbatim DVD-R’s. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help!

The only thing I can think of that would explain your problem is that maybe your using the wrong type of DVD. There are two different types of DVD, being DVD-R and DVD+R (there may even be a ± variety, but not totally sure about that). There’s a good chance that your drive only supports one of those varieties. I’d suggest reading through the manual to see if it says (and I’m sure it does somewhere) what type of DVD media is recommended.

The LiteOn 1633 is already considered old. It depends on the firmware if your dvd’s (16x?) are recognised or not. I suggest you flash BS0Y
, or make your drive a 1653 by flashing CS0T, as I did,

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The DVD’s are indeed 16x. I was wondering if that was an issue.

I checked all the documentation I have for both the burner and Nero and can’t find anything that details the exact type of DVD to use.

And for the rest of the stuff you said, ldw…I have no clue what you are talking about! :smiley:

What is “flashing”?

And my machine is only a few months old. Serves me right for buying cheap.

The 1633 was known for being a poor 16X burner!!! you should try burning at 8X.
If you want to burn faster, I can only suggest you to crossflash your drive like ldw told you.
Each drive has in memory a set of instruction that is called the firmware. Sometime the firmware is updated by the manufacturer and all you have to do is downloading the new firmware flash your drive with.
Crossflashing means using an other (newer model) drive’s firmware. And in your case, a 1633S can be crossflashed into 1653S… of course you loses your waranty.
AN other thing: try updating your nero (it is free of charge). The latest Nero 6 is version The latest Nero 7 is version

The last official firmware from LiteOn for the 1633 supports MCC 03RG20 (Verbatim 16x) at max. 8x. CS0T, the last official firmware for the 1653, supports the same mediacode at max. 12x. I’m not sure, but it is possible that older firmwares for this drive don’t support this mediacode at all, resulting in “illegal disk”. Can you tell us your current firmware?

And my machine is only a few months old. Serves me right for buying cheap.
I still enjoy my drive. I know, there are much better drives on the market these days, quite affordable too, but my 1633 with 1653 firmware serves me well (almost two years now) and despite I’m always burning slowly (currently on MCC 004, Verbatim 16x +R), it gives me good quality dvd’s perfectly playing on several tested machines.
As Bichonn stated too, I’ll advise you to flash CS0T, the most up-to-date firmware for our drives.

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Is this a copyrighted disk? If it is you will need something like AnyDVD running in the background to break the encryption.

I wanted to thank you all for your insight into my problem. I have yet to get it working, but I haven’t tried slower DVD’s yet, either, to see if that is the problem.

Also, I don’t know what firmware I have. Noob, remember? :smiley:

If you tell me how to find out, I can get that answer for you.

Thanks again!

Nero InfoTool will tell you…

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Hi I’m having the same problem sorta… I have the exact same drive and put in a 16x DVD to burn ( + or - get same problem from either type) and Nero tells me incorrect format and My computer acts like there isn’t a disk in. Even if it’s blank it should say something right. I’m mostly familiar with PC’s. Anyway I was thinking of updating the firmware or drivers or both but the liteon website doesn’t have anything. Also my Firmware version is BS0H. Maybe someone can help me too. Or at leaast point me in the right direction.

Hi & welcome, [B]Neo210[/B]! Try this link for downloading the current firmware for your drive from Lite-On: Select “Optical Storage” for Category and “SOHW-1633S” for Model Number. This will give you the official version of BS0Y firmware, which has a higher probability for working correctly with your 16X rated discs. Unzip it and run the .exe, making sure there’s no disc in the drive first. There is no need to install or update any drivers for optical drives in Windows XP, but you may want to make sure that your Nero installation is up to date. Good luck!

Ty for the welcome Cressida. And also thanks for the link to the Fireware update for my drive. It fixed my problem. But to be sure I also update my Nero also. Thank you again for the help.