Newb need help oc 451s to 851s

Hi I getting a ldw-451s.I have no experiance with dvd-burners.I know about computers and flashing. But the dvd lingo is chinese to me anyways.I know there have been threads on how to oc the ldw-451s to a 851s.But there seems to be diffrent ways.Can somebody breakdown in layman terms the easiest way to do this.
Also which firmware is the best to do it with?And how do you know which one is the newest version?
I have acquired the following programs:
ltn-fw - lite on flash utlitiy
flashfix 1002

the firmware I have is
GSOA - windows and bin file
GSOC - windows and bin file
GSO8 - both also

Am I correct in the assumption that all I have to do is use ldw851fp.exe to patch one of the firmware windows version.
And run it. Also what about whether to have it on primary/secondary/master/slave.
One more thing sorry what about bitsetting and
book typing.

Thanks for your time can email me the information if you want

Have a look at this thread. There is lots of questions and answers there about the mod.

Thanks for the help.
I think I have a handle on the flashing .
But what about this bitsetting and book typing?
Got any good threads or links that will explain that.
Thanks again

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Great Guide thanks alot for your help!