Newb Media/Firmware help for "DRW-3S163"

Firsty, which drive have I got?! :rolleyes:

Is this the SOHW-1653S? So I should use the CS0K firmware, or is there custom/hacked firmware that will work better?

I bought 25pk of Bulkpaq :confused: :sad: and I’ve learned from my mistake, so out of these media which is the best one to go for (I’m doing mostly data backup):-


Datawrite (Dark Red face) 4x – RICOHJPNR01

Datasafe (8x) – CMC MAG E01/MCC 003

Datawrite Printable (8x) – MCC 003


Full Face Printable Datawrite (1x-4x) – INFOSMART01

Datawrite Printable 8x – CMC MAG. AE1

Datawrite Premium Inkjet Printable (4x) – TTG01

Ritek Silver ‘Frosted’ Inkjet Printable (4x) – RITEKG…04

Datasafe “Full Face” Printable 4x – Prodisc S03/S04

Datawrite Yellow RITEK 4x – RITEKG…04./M02

Ridisc (4x) Purple – RITEKG…04/M02

Rivision Inkjet Printable (8x) – CMC MAG. AE1

Ridisc Branded (8x) – CMC MAG. AE1

Datawrite Titanium (8x) – CMC MAG. AE1

Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x – TTG02

Datasafe 8x – CMC MAG. AE1

Datasafe Printable 8x – CMC MAG. AE1

Datawrite Yellow 8x – CMC MAG. AE1

Does G05 stuff work well in my burner, I’ve read some bad stuff so I didn’t put any of those disks on my list.

Thanks for all your help!

your drive is a SOHW-1633S, but you can use the 1653S firmware with it:

Thanks, can I get recommedations from the media on my list? :iagree:

I tried opening the firmware contained in the rar with the omnipatcher and got an error about not finding 10 media tables but only finding 3, should I be worried? :confused:

the firmware isn’t fully supported by omnipatcher. readspeedhack and crossflashing is enabled, so no need for omnipatcher. if you want to edit write strategies, look here:

I applied the one without the sony led (with read speed), and I got a BSOD on the first startup :sad: This is the second attempt and it seems ok at the moment, device manager shows 1653.

I’ve got an old version 6 of Nero, for best results should you always use the newest version?

Also, please recommend me media from my list :smiley:


Datawrite Printable (8x) – MCC 003


Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x – TTG02

newest nero:

I finally got it out of you :bigsmile:

Thanks. :wink:

So, does flashing my drive with the 1653 firmware mean I can burn Dual layer at 4x?

yes, you will be able to burn +rDL @4x and -r @12x.

Thanks man, thats excellent.