Newb help: Write problem

I just got 5.0.5 and copied a cd that uses safedisc 3.1.x

I can run the image with a emulator just fine, but when I go to burn the disc I get this,

12/17/03 12:37:21 PM info Writing completed in 00:02
12/17/03 12:37:21 PM info Finalize started
12/17/03 12:37:21 PM error (MMCWriteSector) write Failed at sector -11745 after 0 retries : Code 05 24 00 [Illegal request, Invalid field in CDB]
12/17/03 12:37:20 PM info Write started

anyone got a clue?

Only info on my drive is

Havent updated anything on it.

try different media and then let us know. Also can you post a log ?