Newb at copying!

I have 3 questions sorta long questions

  1. I bought a Ridata(4x) dvd-r dl that has 8.5gb. Did i get ripped off? Or can i still burn it using imgburn??

  2. I have another Cd(Memorex dvd+ r dl 8x 8.5gb) which my friend gave me and i was wondering if i could copy another game over it? Is that possible? I mean that i havee fifa 08 in that memorex cd but can i overwrite it? If so is dat possible??

You can try those discs but the only reliable DL media is Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x (MKM-001-00 dye) made in Singapore burned at 2.4x.
You cannot overwrite a cd unless it’s a cd-rw.
Are you talking about CD or DVD?

Dvd for 360…its da dvds for 360 burning right???And where do i get cd-rw??SO r u saying if my friend has the real game i can copy it/.?

I’m sorry but I can’t answer that question.
Well I can but I won’t.

[QUOTE=dada14;2153785]SO r u saying if my friend has the real game i can copy it/.?[/QUOTE]
Technically you may be able to back it up, but since you don’t own the original, you’d have to give the original AND the backup to your friend.

I closed another topic by you in which you request help with an illegal download. For this reason I kindly ask you to respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.