Newb - 2 Many posts 2 Much Confusion!

To start with i will appreciate a simple and logical answer… PLEASE!! :slight_smile:

I just bought a NEC 3500a and I have a couple of questions.

Which firmware is best (Herries or Dangerous Brothers) please explain advantages/disadvantages of each?

I want the cheapest media that i can burn at 16x while retaining normal quality.
I know that there is verbatim 16x, a type of TDK 8x (TDK sells soo man diff disks its hard to buy a good batch), and a TY 8x. Please advise as to which one is best!!!


I use Herries 2.17 on both my 3500’s and it works just fine - I also use Taiyo Yuden 8x - & +R’s which work just fine also-

I get my TY’s from for less than $.60 each - they also carry the Verbatim 16x


thanks a lot… that was exactly what i was looking for.

Im looking at MAD DOG 2F9 firmware. It combines Bitsetting, rip lock, and RPC1, and i think it also adds support for the RICOH media but not sure about that one.

the TY 8x you are able to burn at 16?

Please advise.

TY 8x +r burns at 16x. TY 8x -r burns at 12x.

I have two nec 3500, and I use in one the 2F9 firmmare (I did not burn many discs with it) and one the other I use 2C8SE (with support for Ritek DL 4x), I had good results with the 2C8 firmware. In a couple of cheap media I used able to have the double of the speed stated (eg. DVD+R Ritek R03 of 4x burns perflectly at 8x).

Rick, two quick questions for you:

1.Do you notice any quality difference in the +r media over -r?
2.Does + r media burn’t set at DVD-Rom play in DVD players that accept -r media.


Although questions not for me, I answer anyway:

  1. In my experience no difference for quality media. Apparently there are more questionable brands of DVD-R than +R, but I never use dubious media so I don’t have any personal experience.

  2. Maybe, maybe not. Bitsetting raises the likelyhood of a settop DVD player reading a DVD+R, but no guarantees can be made. Likewise for DVD-R although compatibility apparently is a bit higher in that respect. If you have a specific DVD Player in mind, may help you.