Newb 1st WC3 burn questions

Hi all!

This is my 1st attemp to copy a game. Ive only copied music and files using nero.

Lite-on 48x’s burner (Cendyne branded) on a win98se system.

I downloaded Alcohol 3.1a and went to the site to read “how to use” and its showing version 2.0 on a winXP system. I have different screens so I’m having problems following it.

1)Do I just setup the game normally or do I need to follow some special directions?
2)How do I make the WC3 image in win98?
3)I read that WC3/bliz uses Securom, do I have to use a specific one or just the latest?
4)What to copy and what files do I need to add or change?
5)Does it end up working like Nero that I can just click and drag?

TIA, I tried some basic research and hopefully won’t have to ask many more questions about this.


Take your first steps into Securom copying here.

I read the post but i think he’s using different sw. Is there one where they are using Alcohol and can someone explaine how to make an “image” cd?


Ok so I burnt the disc using Nero and I can find the files on the disk but it wont run. I tried running Alcohol but I dont think it did anything.

Are they (nero/alcohol) supposed to run in conjunction and how do I get them to work together? I also tried to make an image with the existiong Warcraft III folder but it wanted individual files. Please someone enlighten me on this.

ps:what speed should i burn it at. I have a 48x’s burner and 16x’s media that shows up at 40x’s write speed on Nero.
I know I know, stupid newb…