New Zealand takes anti-piracy efforts to new lows



New Zealand takes anti-piracy efforts to new lows.

[newsimage][/newsimage]New Zealand currently has a three strikes policy that bans repeat peer-to-peer file sharers, but the country has now taken its anti-piracy efforts another step forward.

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What a truckload of BS !

Operation Payback: Ready, aim, FIRE !!


New Zealand…

“ain’t no country I’ve ever heard of”

How about America was banned for exporting their crap to the rest of the world to start with.


And the pirates are cying…boohooo…I can’t get my files… yeah right…


The new law indicates any subscriber that receives a copyright notice is “considered conclusive proof that infringement has occurred.”
That’s pretty scary. Thank god i can use my 80-year-old neigbours’ unprotected WiFi router for the internet…


This law was ammended…not quite as “bad” as suggested:

• You download material that breaches copyright. Copyright holders inform ISPs, who issue you with a detection notice, which expires in nine months.

• You keep downloading material. You get issued with a warning notice, which expires in nine months.

• If you keep downloading and receive an enforcement notice, you will go before the Copyright Tribunal, which can order a fine of up to $15,000.

• If the tribunal is thought to be inadequate, the copyright owner can apply to a district court to suspend the internet account for six months, but only after the Commerce Minister approves by order-in-council. The court can still decline on the grounds it would be manifestly unjust.