New Zealand plans ISP fee to solve Internet piracy



I just posted the article New Zealand plans ISP fee to solve Internet piracy.

The music industry in New Zealand is proposing a new levy for Internet users who illegally download music in an aim to solve the illegal file sharing issue. Broadband users who pay this annual…

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I live there. This is the first we have heard about this. I suspect that the local music nazis want to follow the poms in their efforts. Next a movie download tax, A TV download tax, software download tax. It could be never ending… “That will be $50 / month internet and $200 for download taxes sir”


I actually think its a good idea to demonstrate the absurd of their demends - who decide which artist get how much money ? If tax invoked then I guess it become legal to pirate ?


Why would anyone pay this when they can already get it for free. If they want it for free theyll get it for free. No ones gonna pay to start using something there already currently using/getting for free with the prices they wanna charge. Only way these online systems will work is DRM free quality downloads that arent rediculously overpriced and im sorry but 99c a track is overpriced. They’re seriously delusional if they think they can ever stop piracy without seriously redoing there business model but that would hurt there insane profits/salerys so thats not happening. All there gonna do is eventually push piracy into secure encrypted networks.


Jo, I think you’re underestimating the needs and wants of a typical computer user who downloads music. It’s actually surprising how many people are willing to pay to use services like AllofMP3 to download music, so I expect there will be a decent number of people who will sign up for the flat rate in New Zealand.

I doubt we’ll ever see a flat rate like this in the U.S., as I doubt the RIAA would go along with it.