New York Times back on-line - 20 hours later

The NYTIMES website was attacked Tuesday about 1600 EST and about 20 hours later, has returned on-line. NY Daily Post. LA Times and a few other websites covered this and commented that they suspected “hacker attacks”, which would be the second this month that the NYTIMES has suffered.

We’ve seen our local paper go to “pay for” status, like the Boston Globe and quite a few others, which is a shame because the State Capitol’s only daily paper has all of the arrests of drunken and wanton politicians that flow in and out of that Capitol building, onto the streets and a few select street corners.

But I wonder how vulnerable news-sites become, and for how long? NYTimes should be one of those at the forefront but, obviously, we see that “first line of defense” means “first blood”, not “best protected.”

Even better,the attack went thru Melbourne IT, the domain service. Yikes. Well, it’s security system ONLY affection 350,000 customers!