New York robbers targeting new industry; the CD counterfeiters

I just posted the article New York robbers targeting new industry; the CD counterfeiters.

According to an article on the Yahoo! News website New York robbers are targeting a new industry, namely the CD counterfeiters. According to the article the New York City counterfeiters can…

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RIAA hitmen? :slight_smile:

more like MPAA hitmen, notice it was illegal movies, not music

Sorry, I’m Scottish, so I don’t really pay any attention to either organisations’ sabre rattling. But of course you are correct.

It’s strange how a robber would commit a crime against people who are already commiting crimes themselves. This is someone who copies and sells so I will this time call it a crime.

They are eating each other! :9

Ahh, home-sweet-home. First of all his name was Amadou Diallo, a name infamous for the 41- shot shooting of a West African by NYPD officers. Also, this thing aint that rare. If you walk around midtown especially near electronics stores, you will see these vendors selling them in plain view of the cops and everybody else. These vendors get their stuff from suppliers like these guys who make the stuff. I personally seen some of these guys get mugged, not shot but assaulted and robbedof their cash. They are easy targets since they will not go to the cops. I mean they will be reporting a crime committed against them while they were committing a crime…

$250,000, that’s a BULL$HIT inflated profit.