New Year's Resolution



What is your new year’s resolution?


I’d like to be less lazy. Too many time I put off tasks/chores I could be doing now and tell myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes and I tell myself the same thing. I really need to set a deadline for myself or else things would not get done.


nice thread i was only thing of starting one today.

well my newyears resolution is to get fitter by doing more exersise. i quit smoking this year and have put on a couple of pounds (well a few then).

i can offer a few tips for anyone wanting to quit the fags, first off it ain`t easy took me and the missis two attempts. we used the govement backed quit program were you have your breath tested each week for carbon monoxide and get support and patches on prescription. but it is well worth it, its not till you stop that you realise how stupid, unhealthy and smelly it is.


1280x1024@32bit 72Hz if you must know.


Ooow that one scraped the bottom of the



Quit smoking


I’d like to have a 1920*1080 resolution HD camcorder plus a fine LCD monitor capable of displaying that resolution. :slight_smile:


@beer_dog why did you remove you quit smoking post? as an ex smoker you do realise that i will hound you down till you stop :iagree:

beer_dog - hound pun not intended lol


Quitting smoking is a great thing to achieve in any year. I know many people who did that recently in South Korea. Though still millions of children in South Korea are even right now learning to become heavy smokers. It’s fashionable where fashion’s a very strong thing.

My daughter will soon start walking without a helping hand. Wait for the announcement! :bigsmile:


I didn’t remove it I only made it invisible. Check it out with Ctrl+a. :bigsmile:

Last time I tried was 14 years ago and I did succeeded, but unfortunately I started again after 2 years. Maaann, how stupid can one be. :o

You are welcome to haunt me down, I would expect nothing less from a fellow Cdfreak. :wink: :slight_smile:


Finish my university course would be nice.
Have health and some money. :slight_smile:


thats another short cut i learned :smiley:

i`am 43 and had been smoking since my teens and my chest got that bad i used to cough till i was sick so i had a good reason to stop plus the mother in law has lung cancer (the one brought on by smoking) and probley wont see next christmas :sad: .


I still can’t breathe well and get headaches often due to lack of oxigen. Those usually last hours and if there’s a smoker close to me in restaurants or some closed indoor places, my face gets red in just seconds. I would have shot many if I could have a pistol like many in the West.


thats interesting, the cluster headaces i suffer from can be arrest in a few minutes if i breath pure 02 at 9 - 15 lts per min, my nurologist thinks this might be due to my brain detecting to much carbon monoxide in my blood and flooding my system with 02 then stops the attack. maybe you are very suseptable to carbon monoxide?


Not sure, but I have always been allergic to many things even long before my lungs became very cloudy (first confirmed in Feb, 1994.) But the sudden headaches started only in the late 1990s.

A good thing is that I can easily feel the air in Seoul’s much more polluted than here.


I quit 2 months ago.I’ve quit before, for puff is all it takes.

My resolution.Drink more beer and less vodka :iagree:



Well that’s not the solution for me, you see I drink a lot of BeeR’s already :wink: , but I hardly ever touch vodka or similar liquids.


i may try and be in bed before 1am :smiley:


That could be mine to :slight_smile: