New Year's Resolution Time

Well folks, it’s that time of year again…Time to put that list together and then lose/ignore it for the next 11 months…Continuing to live life on the edge or failing to complete those important projects and concentrate on accumulating more media, burners, hard drives and other fundamental parts for a demented lifestyle.
So, for the benefit of all of us who fail to live up to our varied goals, I would like to document my list and hopefully provide an inspiration to those weak willed individuals out there to make public their goals and provide some peer pressure to motivate yourself to become an asset to society and your immediate family…
So here’s my list:

  1. Start every day by telling The Boss how important she is to me and how I wouldn’t be the success I am without her help…And be sure to ask what’s for dinner…

  2. Allow The Boss to sleep in as long as she wants, unless the animals are bugging me to get fed…

  3. Work on reducing that honey-do list to a manageable level, thereby allowing more time for fishing and more important projects…

  4. Abstain from a stereo system upgrade for at least 6 months…Unless a really good deal pops up and then all bets are off…

  5. Reduce my consumption of non-healthy food…Except for Fudgesicles, Eskimo Pies, ice cream of any type and real butter…

  6. When the grand daughters visit for the summer, allow them to sleep in until at least 6:30 AM and not awaken then with “On your feet maggots, daylights a burning…”

  7. Refrain from yelling at drivers with a cell phone stuck in their ear…Unless they’re doing something really stupid, like driving with a cell phone stuck in their ear…

  8. Refrain from purchasing more media beyond a reasonable amount…(See #4, Part 2)

  9. Refrain from visiting the Newbie Forum because it just makes my blood pressure rise…

  10. Reduce my consumption of herbal remedies except when absolutely needed…Like after visiting the Newbie Forum…

I’ll revisit this list sometime in the next few months and grade my performance, making modifications as necessary…

For reference:

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I should eat less unhealthy fast food and use more high quality CD-R instead of being a cheapskate using CMC for everything which doesn’t look important enough… ^^"
I also need to reduce my stash of media, it’s very huge and occupies so much space :wink:

I’m sure I’ll make up some new resolutions tomorrow, so let’s stop here.

Oh, and I promised you to show my stash, Arachne, so here it is :bigsmile:
Can I see your stashes too? :flower:

i have a couple

  1. To accept help when needed and not be so proud!
  2. To quit smoking
  3. Not to let the little things in life wind me up so much
  4. To visit you lot more often ;o)

Happy New Year To you all

Nothing wrong with accepting help, and I wish you the best of luck in quitting smoking, Norty. :slight_smile:

Best of luck Norty, especially with #2!

#1 and #3 are ones I’d make too, but I’m useless at keeping New Years’ resolutions :o

And it’ll certainly be good to see you around more, I hardly know you, having joined after you disappeared! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks Guys

How about letting me date one of your lovely daughters :bigsmile:

Tax is on the prowl for the New Year :bigsmile:

haha, glad to see you still have a sense of humour, one is about to have a baby, and the other is so busy studying she doesnt have time for dates :wink:

Please merge or split this old thread with/to the new thread. :smiley:

@ Norty: That busy one sounds about right for me…I don´t have time for girls… :smiley:

Err, my NYR… hadn´t really thought about it. I´ll try to come up with something…probably like “spend less time here”, or “stop chewing my fingernails”…

Done :wink:

Oh, I missed that! Nice stash :iagree:

I’ll take a pic of my stash tomorrow if I remember. You may have to bug me about it. :slight_smile:

Gee, I feel so lowly with my 500 DVD’s + miscellaneous.

I started on my new years resolution late last year, not to over-spend on PC components or consumables … so far, so good :wink:

I’ve figured I’ll wait until all my hardware is hopelessly out of date, and then palm off the oldest server to some unsuspecting person & do the shuffle with my main PC, and remaining computers :wink:

[QUOTE=Da_Taxman;1646976]For reference:

2006 resolutions
2005 resolutions
2004 resolutions
2003 resolutions[/QUOTE]

[B]any one have any NEW year Resolutions[/B]

ME to get back to Gym every Morning ( not my fault they closed for 3 weeks )
AND Dont eat kids Food that was leftover :eek:


Yes, just one or two…any others would just get broken:

  1. To let my mum know how much I appreciate her, a bit more often.
  2. To take off all the smegging weight I’ve probably put on over the Christmas period. :wink:

To write in noneoftheabove on all elections from now on.

I don’t do resolutions they [B]NEVER[/B] come true :rolleyes::

[QUOTE=diane7;2480847][B]any one have any NEW year Resolutions[/B]

ME to get back to Gym every Morning ( not my fault they closed for 3 weeks )
AND [B]Dont eat kids[/B] Food that was leftover :eek:


Maybe I’m just tired, but I thought that just said “don’t eat kids.”:doh:

My NYR is to not make but only that one NYR.:iagree: