New Year 2015



Happy New Year cdFreaks may this be a great one


Happy New Year everyone!I hope that 2015 will be a great one for all!! :iagree::flower:


Happy new year everyone! I guess debro is already in 2015? :wink:

For those interested the top news stories on Myce and the top commenters (I see you there roadworker :wink: )


Happy new year everyone guessing due to timezones it will be already but we have 4.25 hrs to go yet


[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2744246]The amount of comments doesn’t say anything about the quality of the comments…I see you there roadworker :wink: [/QUOTE]

OK…OK,my wife says that I spend too much time online…seems that she’s right!..:bigsmile::bigsmile:



Happy new year everyone.:flower::flower:


Happy New Year! :flower:


Happy New Year to everyone.


Happy New Year everyone!!



A very happy New Year indeed. Got started with the celebrations early last night as my Alma Mater took down the number 10 team in the Fiesta Bowl. Excellent way to bring in the New Year. Congrats to Kerry on his team’s bowl win as well.


A happy 2015 to all!


Happy new year to all my fellow CD Freaks.

May you hangovers wear off soon. :bigsmile: