New Yamaha CRW-F1 FW.'1.0d'


  1. Added 24x and 32x writing. “Optimum Writespeed Control” option needs to be disabled.
  2. Improved 16x and 24x writing quality of Ultra Speed CD-RW discs.

THX … this time the flasher has worked well… :bigsmile: :bow:

Thanks for the news. I posted it on the mainpage!

Did anyone test this firmware regarding copy protections (audio and data), and noticed any difference with the 1.0c?

The last firmware update had problems installing if the PC ran Intel Application Accelerator or had an Ultra DMA card installed. Mine had both. The firmware update would not install until I removed the drive and installed it on a different computer.

This latest firmware update installed without any problems. It installed just fine.

Good job Yamaha!