New Xbox360 Reset Glitch hack won't be fixable via a software update

New Xbox360 Reset Glitch hack won’t be fixable via a software update.

[newsimage][/newsimage] The Xbox 360 has incredibly strong software security making attempts to hack the console via the software unsuccessful. Two hackers, GliGli and Tyros, believe they have found a way to get unsigned code onto the console by circumventing the software security altogether.

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The hack apparently works about 25% of the time, which isn’t terrible in terms of odds.
I doubt this is worth the risk though. Perhaps for people who already have a banned Xbox.

The ingenuity & creativity employed by modders/hackers/tinkerers never ceases to amaze me.

"Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s slow down the CPU to confuse it! "

"Holy crap, it worked! "