New Xbox incompatible with current modchips on the market?

I just posted the article New Xbox incompatible with current modchips on the market?.

Well, it seems Microsoft is taking steps to stop the modifying of there XBox`s and changing there hardware so the modchips don’t work.

The new Xbox announced earlier by Team X-ecuter have…

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bleh, it’s only a matter of time before them boys over in the XBox hacking party get around to figuring it out… right?

i hope this box is not in the us yet. seems like the old one is the best one to get not just for modchip reasons but quality reasons.

I don’t like the idea of an nvidia based graphics chip with no fan… :r Them suckers run HOT!

Thanks to Bunnie’s papers, M$ have information on where everything went wrong, so they now send the bios commands encrypted to the controller. So it could take a long time before the hackers find the new RC key of the Bios. C44: Have you seen the new heatsink on that sucker?

I’ve seen NVidia PC graphics cards without fans before, but these have lower performance and thus just need a standalone heatsink to keep them cool. I wonder if M$ are trying to save cost on building these XBoxes by using cheaper graphics cards. Either that or the new cards they are using are more efficient and don’t generate as much heat.

The heatsink is 5x as big as on the one with fan.

Sooner or later someone will come out with a mod chip that will be compatible with the new XBOXs!

Bill Gates has got this in hand! Do you really think that this man who has more money than we can imagine will just sit back and not take action, well think again. You can see he soon put a stop on the current mod chips by releasing the XBox with a revised PCB. I can tell you one thing, this man is far from stupid and will have certain people looking for the XBox mod chips and diagrams, and all he has too do is find out about the mod chip and stop it from working in all new Xboxes. Everytime a mod chip is bought out he will change the PCB again which will limit the no of hacked xboxes out there. I am damn sure he will close these sites down, as they are illegal, and a prison sentance will follow when he finds out who is selling these mod chips. If you don’t believe me, then watch what happens. This post is not intended too provoke any single person or the CDFreaks management. :slight_smile: Greets from The Diplomat :8 This section is intended only for the people who do not visit the forum I have the game called Divine Divinty, when I applied the patch as the there are quite a few bugs in its initial state, the game asked too insert the Cd. I ran a safedisk analyser and it reported back with version no 2.80.010 Greetz too all that know me. The Diplomat Helping others is my freedom of expression

Modchips aren’t illegal, only the code on them is, but the newest modchips don’t contain that code anymore.

so they now send the bios commands encrypted to the controller ------------------------ SaTaN i think you got your info wrong the original bios also had encryption why do you think when the bios was floating around the net no one could do anything with it until the rc4 key was discovered…

Have I missed something? If a Mod chip is being sold which contains modified binary code, then the selling and fitting of such items to bypass the Region lock, and allow copied games to run is illegal. Infact making any modification to any console too allow pirated discs to run is illegal. You are making modifications to the companies PCB by using a mod chip to bypass and fool the console into thinking the software is original.


When someone shoots another person with a gun…who do you blame? The Gun? Or the Shooter? Me?..I blame the Shooter cause he makes the decision to pull the trigger. Same thing with Mod Chips. Dont blame the hardware or the people who use them for innocent things like PROTECTING their CD/DVD games. Typical shelf life of CD/DVD Media is 25 years. 50 for a Gold disc. That’s if its UNTOUCHED! How long do your music and game disc’s last with heavy use? 2-3 yrs tops. Whats wrong with extending the life of one’s games beyond that? I think M$ should concentrate more on penalizing the true illegal users instead of punishing Everyone including us legal users by taking the decision out of our hands. Thats the true meaning of the US. Freedom of Choice. [not to knock all you other countries! Your great too! :7] Not that I’m a big fan of the Palladium Architecture…but that would be handy if the XBOX would allow one to make a copy of their game and use a “serial number” [generated on said XBOX with its own unique serial] to allow that game to be played only on “that” xbox with “that” serial saved to the HD. Voila. Copied game only for use on one XBOX! Sounds like a better compromise than shutting everyone out from their freedom of Choice! Post not ment to offend…only inspire friendly debate! :4