New XBox defeated: X-Ecuter v2 modchip is coming out soon

I just posted the article New XBox defeated: X-Ecuter v2 modchip is coming out soon.

As some of you might know a new XBox version came out on the latest weeks (especially on Australia and the UK) and the current modchips stopped working on them. Well, the team of the Xecuter…

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And again we see Microsoft bites the dust hehehe :4

Now this is good news (6:0 microsoft to serve)…:7

Defeated, hmm which planet are you on, you make it sound like WWII. It would have been far easier too say a new by-pass method for the newer X-box’s is in the pipeline. Not brag about the company involved as right now MS Corp will file a lawsuite against this company. The X-Box is crap anyway I have seen it, The PS2 has alot more support in the way of games(PS3 is in the pipeline now), and if you own a powerfull PC then why bother? I would like too see an x-box out do my AMD xp2100+ and full blown GF4 TI 4600 :4 Its just a pc in a little box, just for you kids :wink: Don’t worry Mr Gates will be working on a totally different PCB design now and will prob recall all current stock, so kiddies go out and buy one quickly. Greetz :8

interceptor: hmmmm interesting yet wrong view. U r right saying microsoft werent defeated, ne1 that says that doesnt fully understand. Microsoft knew that their new design would be overcome, its just a case of making as much hassle and as difficult for the user as possible. But i cant agree with wot u say next, claming just because u have a powerful pc y bother. Very good if getting stupidly high frame rates some how stimulates u, but for the rest of us its about it having fun. U cant take ur pc round to ur mates and join in on a 4 player halo match etc. This is wot the xbox provides for me that my pc cant. Yes i can play online on my pc but its just not the same. And ur last statement cudnt be more wrong even if u tried. Hes not going to recall the stock because the inevitable happened now is he?u think this has come as a suprise to him? He may well be working on yet another design and so the story starts again, but they know this, they expected this, their not going to be stunned numb that once again they have been “defeated” and all their plans lay in ruins. just think about it.

interceptor why do you bother with your crap… btw cocsnot stick your ps2 up yous truly culeless kiddie…

oh, not this again. another silly console vs. pc war… oh well… people never chance… why can’t they all just see that pc is better :4


Interceptor, I agree that the GeForce 4 ti 4600 is a lot better than the GeForce 3 and that if the GF4 was stressed to the max it would look better than the Xbox, however, your gfx card won’t be stretched out that much cuz for a few years cuz developers can’t just target the .01% of people who have a $220+ card. And also, how much did you pay for a Ti4600? And how much is an Xbox (which has a processor, ram, hd, gfx card, network card, audio card)? Uhhmmmm, cheaper than your ti4600 and it still has better graphics…

“U cant take ur pc round to ur mates and join in on a 4 player halo match etc” why would anyone want to play a FPS with a crappy joypad and a split-into-4-tiny-parts-you-can-barely-see screen? bit easier playing SoF2, MOH:AA, BF1942 etc. with great graphics at 1600x1200 instead of tv resolution online