New Xbox 360s feature a quieter optical drive

I just posted the article New Xbox 360s feature a quieter optical drive.

Going by various reports, Microsoft has upgraded its new Xbox360 consoles’ optical drives with a quieter DVD drive. For those interested, it is a BenQ VAD6038 going by this CVG…

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see people? Microsoft does listen!

Yes, they listen to people who are hacking firmware of current drives so they are changing them. But I do applaud this, I cannot stand how ridiculously loud my 360 is, to the point that I put keep it in a big storage closet adjacent to my home theater, with cables running throught he walls. Still though, even with the quiet drive, the power supply & fans make too much noise!

I wonder if they will do an integrated HD DVD drive in the future.

So Microsoft is just GIVING UP and offering a “quiter optical drive” huh? Sorry, couldn’t help it :B