New Xbox 360 S works perfectly with old Xbox 360 20GB HDD



Hey there,

Most of this is common knowledge on the internet these days, but i wanted to share some first hand experiences about the Xbox 360 S(lim).

As you know the S version of the Xbox is a bit smaller and has a better design, next to Kinect-readiness. It can also host a single harddisk, the biggest one available these days is the 250GB version.

But if you have the old Xbox 360, with harddisk, you are kinda forced by Microsoft to buy the data transfer cable kit ($20) and a new harddisk ($60, depending on harddisk).

It is however possible to use the old Xbox 360 harddisk into the new Xbox 360 S and here’s how you do that:

  1. Disassemble the harddisk casing. You will need Torx (very small and a normal one) screwdrivers for this. Normal flat screwdrivers may work as well, depending how much experience you have with unscrewing annoying torx. :slight_smile:

  2. Carefully slide the harddisk out of its sata connections

[optional, but recommended]
3) Obtain a internal harddrive disk case for your Xbox 360 S. Here is one for $5,50

[optional, but recommended]
4) Install harddisk in new case

  1. Click disk carefully in Xbox 360S

Works perfectly!

You don’t really need a new case, but the disk will not be protected a lot and may malfunction over time so i highly recommend to use one.

Tested this for a few hours and no problems whatsoever. :slight_smile: