New Xbox 360 Metro-style dashboard is (finally) live



New Xbox 360 Metro-style dashboard is (finally) live.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft launched its brand new Xbox 360 dashboard late Tuesday night after a last-minute delay, adding Kinect voice search, cable TV support and enhanced social networking options to an already impressive suite of online features. The goal, said the company, is jump-starting "the future of TV" with a video game console. Neither Nintendo's Wii nor Sony's PlayStation 3 has come this close.

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I won’t be impressed until they add MKV x264 playback support. They added XVID support years after every DVD player in the world supported it.
XBOX can already play the freaking codec, when you convert a MVK to XBOX-friendly H.264 format the actually video is not even transcoded, its just re-wrapped.
PS3 can play MKV from what I’ve read. Come on MS!


Nope… PS3 cannot read MKV… Gotta convert or through up a media server and stream 'em. Doubt MS will support any open container format.


In fact a PS3 modded console can read MKV with Showtime, the only drawback it’s the 4 gb limit files, cause it can reads only fat32 formatted media.