New Xbox 360 Dashboard update now live

New Xbox 360 Dashboard update now live.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Today Microsoft is rolling out their new Xbox 360 Dashboard with Kinect support, new media features, and some security changes. But despite some of the long-awaited improvements, some hardcore gamers and modders are already voicing their displeasure with the update.

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I kinda like it because the menu is faster.

What i didn’t like was to read 32768 pages of the new EULA to find out nothing really has changed. Microsoft still owes my soul and i need to chant the mantra that Microsoft is the best thing since the wheel was invented 27 times per day.

My 360…I have to look at what software is on it, I think it’s pretty old!

just a warning. if your system is moded and you use backup’s i would NOT update to the dashboard that came out in Nov 1st 2010.

because if you do and attempt to run a backup copy of Fable3 you will not be able to play it and will most likely be flagged for a ban etc.

p.s. me personally i am waiting til all this AP2.5/SSv3 stuff is sorted out before i update as i am on v9199 dashboard which can play backups of Fable3 which only actives the new protection once your using the new dashboard.