New writer

Ok I was thinking about getting a liteon 8x burner and selling my pioneer 106D to a friend.

Should I go for it or what? Or does the pioneer have superior writing quality?

I plan to use as much TYG01 as I can. Or ritek G05’s. Will those be good with the Liteon8x? I’ll go check in the tests section. But if you guys can give me some input it would be very good. :slight_smile:

WHOA - correct me if i am wrong. The liteon doesn’t write DVD-R at 8x??

Yes, it does in both cases.

Boskin - your saying the pioneer 106 is better?

And that the liteon wont write DVD-R at 8x?

Or do you mean -

The liteon is better quality and writes at 8x with -R??

The Pioneer is superior in write quality ( there are many threads and inputs on this subject )

The LiteOn does handle -R @8x.

Get the NEC instead to enjoy its superior write quality.

Ah I see. One more question if that’s ok.

The Pioneer 107 - Is that even better than the 106 in terms of quality?

Becuase I am happy to burn at 4x for the rest of my life with TYG01 lol.

Well I was wanting the liteon for PI PO scanning. But maybe my pioneer is just fine as it is.

Is it even worth going for a 107?

the nec? I’ll take a look at the review


I believe the 106 will suit your needs well.

Visit the NEC forum instead. The NEC is the King of the write quality.

WOW I just saw the review for the NEC. My god that is EXCELLENT quality. Better than I had imagined!

Here’s an interesting [COLOR=RoyalBlue]test dispalyed by OC.[/COLOR]

WOW so he did different sessions. And that’s the results. Wow the NEC is amazing! Kool stuff that.

I have both a NEC 2500A and a LiteOn 812S. The NEC is superior in writing quality to the LiteOn. It’s also my opinion that the NEC is a better writer than a Pioneer 107 owned by a friend. In addition, there are modified firmwares for the NEC and the LiteOn available on this forum (CDFreaks) that don’t seem to be able to available for the Pioneer. If I were going to purchase a new drive, I would choose the NEC 2510A or the LiteOn 832S.

G’day everyone,

I will add my vote for the NEC ND-2500A/ND-2510A as well. A great burner, especially for the price, and OUTSTANDING write quality even to the lowest of low quality media. Add Herrie’s firmware and you’ve got yourself a complete burning solution!

Pioneer’s DVR-107D has come a long way since it’s introduction. With the latest version 1.16 (RPC-1 if you want) firmware, the write quality with most media is as good as the NEC, and it is no longer as picky as it used to be with poorer quality media.

As for the LiteON, don’t even bother, unless you want a cheap (actually it’s not really that cheap anymore, especially compared to the NEC) disc-testing drive.


Ahhh kool. TVCD, do you know if they sell em much here in australia?