New writer



Hi all, I’m after a new writer and have been told to go for either a Pioneer 109 or a NEC nd 3540a.

I was looking for a dual layer but not to sure out of the two here which is the best drive.

Any help would be great,


P.S Of course if you know of a better drive please feel free to say


Have a look here for a good breakdown of drive strength and weakness.
If you have further questions ask in the drive specific forums.


As far as nec’s go, the 3540 is new so who really knows how good it is (thier were some initial reports about firmware problems I think), but the nec 3500 is a proven good performer if you can still find one.


I have a 3500 great drive. But for me I’m waiting for a Benq 1640 to go right next to it.
As far as a drive that is out now they say the 3540 is great with Liggy & Dee firmware.
Good luck.


Hi :slight_smile:
For 3540a try this link


Many thanks for the replys, I think I will go for the 3540a, and pop in the Liggy & Dee firmware.

I have found a few sites with it at a good price so will put in my order today.

Many thanks