New Writer... 3520 or 3530?



Which is better? 3520 or 3530?
Thank You!


To really give a fair analysis, someone must own both or have used both. Having only one doesn’t count, IMO.


Some of the new Dells are shipping with the 3530’s. So anyone have one and can post the results?


experts, any possiblities of flashing 3530 to 3540?
so far 3520 to 3530 is not doable.


Dell 3530 specs

Supported Functions
DVD Media Types

Single Layer
Dual Layer Not Applicable

6.6-16X :CAV
5-12X :CAV

DVD-Video Not Applicable
2-5X :CAV

Single Layer
6.6-16X :CAV
6.6-16X :CAV
DVD-RW 4-6X :ZCLV 5-12X :CAV
Single Layer
Double Layer
6.6-16X :CAV
4-8X :ZCLV
6.6-16X :CAV
3-7X :CAV
DVD+RW 4-8X :ZCLV 5-12X :CAV

CD Media Types

CD-DA (Audio CDs) Not Applicable
16-40X :CAV
CD-ROM Not Applicable
20-48X :CAV
CD-R 20-48X :CAV
20-48X :CAV
CD-RW (LS) * 4X :CLV
16-40X :CAV
CD-RW (HS) * 10X :CLV 16-40X :CAV
CD-RW (US) * 20-24X :ZCLV 16-40X :CAV
CD-RW (US+) * 20-32X :ZCLV 16-40X :CAV

  • Note LS: Low Speed, HS: High Speed, US: Ultra Speed, US+: Ultra Speed+

Active OPC (Running OPC)1 “Optimum Power Controller” provides for more reliable writes.
Easy-to-use tray model.
Enhanced-IDE (ATAPI) model.
The recorded CD-R/RW can be played on any multi-read CD-ROM Player, maintaining future compatibility.
Supports UDF for easy writing to CD-R/RW, DVDR/RW discs.
Improved Buffer Under Run Error handling through the Active Link function.

  1. Continuously monitors the signal level during recording and adjusts the laser power to compensate when the disc is dirty, insuring a flat signal.

Important Precautions
WARNING: This drive, ND-3530A is bearing “DVD+ReWritable” Logo and “Compact Disc ReWritable Ultra Speed” Logo. Only drives (such as the NEC ND-3530A) bearing the logo “DVD+ReWritable” can write or erase DVD+RW media. Only drives (such as the NEC ND-3530A) bearing the logo “Compact Disc ReWritable Ultra Speed” can write or erase Ultra and High Speed CD-RW media. Ultra and High Speed CD-RW Media may be recognized by the same “Compact Disc ReWritable Ultra Speed” and Compact Disc ReWritable High Speed" logo on the disc label or packaging material, or by the fact that it lists recording speeds of “8X to 16X” and “4X to 10X”.

WARNING: Only drives bearing the logo “DVD-R/RW” can write or erase DVD-R/RW media. DVD-R/RW Media may be recognized by the same “DVD-R/RW” logo on the disc label or packaging material, or by the fact that it lists recording speeds of “1X to 8X”, or “Up to 8X”. Attempted writes to DVD-R/RW media using DVD-R/RW drives NOT bearing the logo “DVD-R/RW” may result in data loss.


confusing indeed


The columns did not copy and paste properly. But it looks like the new model that everyone is looking for.



Double Layer
4-8X :ZCLV


Kind’a weird with all the :Z in your posts etp…
Adding section from your link above.


Yeow! How did it do that? All I did was copy paste.


screen capture n upload the image .as easy as abc :cool:


some tests on 3530A, FW: 3.01

  1. MCC003(Verbatim Branded) @ 8x
  2. YUDEN000T02(Verbatim Branedd) @8x


2601! 16X for ty02? The 3500 will!


2601! which FW did you use?
I can’t find an official one.


2601! I tried the FW flash but it did not work! How did you flash and which site and FW did you use. There are 3 diiferent FWs at one site. Very confusing.
Max 002 MIJ is only 8X but TY02 is 16x on the Factory FW.



I used 3530A v3.01 FW and flahed it with Liggy’s firmware flasher v1.16.



Many thanks 2601! Can you burn ty02 at 16X? I can with Fugi ty02 MIJ and factory FW.