New Wrapper on the Fujifilm DVDs



I went to BestBuy today and noticed that it was only 15bucks for dvd+r and the dvd-r. But the strange thing was that it was wrapped in silver instead of the classic blue. I know the normal choice would be if they were made from Japan, but these were both made from Taiwan. These are the 16x. So the speed is alrdy at the max, but I’m just wondering ont he quality. The previous ones in blue that are 8x and made in japan would be boosted to 16x and top notch quality. Anyone tested these?


Average media, definitely not as good as the 8x TY discs that were often found in the older Fuji. List of media in 16x


So these are the same as the oldie 16x fuji? Just wondering cause they changed the wrapper. I guess I can just look them up myself since I bought the dvd-r and the dvd+r.


Silver? That’s strange, the ones I saw were yellow…


I thought the 8x were on sale at Best Buy?

Has anyone found any MIJ 8x with the new style packaging?


In europe there aren’t Fuji branded Yudens for a longer time now. Still Ritek or Prodisc stuff.


TYG02 were pretty easy to find last fall at Staples in the 30pk, 3-color variety. These had the gray packaging.


Sadly, while the Frys Electronics stores out here have these by the metric assload, 99.999% of the +R and all but a few of the -R are MIT.


All the Fujis here in Monmouth County NJ are MIT now. But all the Sonys are MIJ, I would rather have the Sonys anyway.


I didn’t see any 8x fuji. Welcome to the 16x world I suppose. Even though most of us were already there and was just waiting for the rest of the world to join us.