New world order, new protection?

Just bought NWO, which is a shitty game by the way, over here in Holland.
Seems uncopyable to me: can make an image, however this takes a long time cause the last sectors on the CD aren’t easily read by various proggies. Tried cloneCD, blindread, CDRwin, and DDump. Clone and blindread do manage to create an image from which I can install, using a RW, but in trying to play, the message comes up that " Í need to use the device from which I installed"

Is this only some kind of atipcheck? Don’t think so cause I use my reader to install and play ( samsung DVD-rom )
I don’t like these last sectors as it’s not like safedisc or securom?!
Maybe one of the moderators know if this is a new protection or maybe an old but obsolete one??
It’s not hardware related, I’ve got a plex and a lite-on, so I’m covered:D

Hi jocheempie,

I’m not a moderator (obviously) but I’ve got this -by the way- shitty game, and as far as I know there is a new protection in it.

It is as you said, there are 2000 or 3000 bad sectors (almost the lasts, begining at 97-98% of the CD) and the copies made with CloneCD 4019 or Blindwrite Suite 421, 422, 423, 424 or Alcohol 135.1125, 135.1112 are not able to run the game.

I read about this protection in another post in Blindwrite forum. It came with some versions of “Iron Storm”. You can find a way to make a working copy here:

Good luck

Toshiba SDM 1402
LiteOn 24102b 5S5A

Thanks for the info

I do recognize the cloneCD logs posted in the thread you mentioned. It seems more games are getting equipped with this yet rare and unidentified protection. Seems copyable though. I really wonder if it’s a protection which will be as widespread as securom and safedisc or indeed just a european thing.

Just to let you know, NWO disc does contain an outer ring

Got a working copy now!
16:10:48 CloneCD versie gestart!
I 16:10:48 ElbyCDIO Driver
I 16:10:48 ElbyCDIO.dll
I 16:10:48 CCDDriver.dll
I 16:10:48 ElbyECC.dll
I 16:10:48 Geregistreerd op naam van:
I 16:10:48 Bezig met zoeken naar SCSI/ATAPI apparaten…
I 16:10:48 Apparaatscan heeft 1 CD-ROMs en 2 CD-recorders gevonden!
W 16:11:25 Gebruiker heeft de opdracht geannuleerd!
I 16:13:04 Bezig met kopiëren van PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W2410A naar E:\images
I 16:13:04 Leessnelheid voor Data Tracks: Maximaal
I 16:13:04 Leessnelheid voor Audio Tracks: Maximaal
I 16:13:04 Leest Sub-kanaal data uit data tracks: Ja
I 16:13:04 Leest Sub-kanaal data uit audio tracks: Ja
I 16:13:04 Fouten Snel Overslaan: Ja
I 16:13:04 Leesfouten niet rapporteren: Nee
I 16:13:04 Intelligente Slechte Sectoren Scanner: Ja
I 16:13:04 CD bevat CD-Text: Nee
I 16:13:04 Leest track 1… (Blokken 0-323528)
W 16:22:00 Indien u op deze CD geen leesfouten verwacht, deactiveer dan “Snel Fouten Overslaan”!
W 16:22:00 Kon sector 318050 niet lezen
W 16:22:00 Kon sector 318051 niet lezen
W 16:22:00 Kon sector 318052 niet lezen
W 16:22:00 Kon sector 318053 niet lezen
I 16:22:01 Doorzoeken slechte sectoren…
W 16:23:02 Schrijft loze sectoren 318054 tot 318154
I 16:24:03 Doorzoeken slechte sectoren…
W 16:25:06 Schrijft loze sectoren 318155 tot 318255
I 16:26:08 Doorzoeken slechte sectoren…
W 16:27:10 Schrijft loze sectoren 318256 tot 318356

“Loze sectoren” mean I think “dummy sectors”. It took cloneCD about 1,5 hour to read the disk.
wrote the image with clone with everything unchecked and did all of this work in my plex 24/10/40

Fast Error Skip + Intelligent Bad Sector Scan will defeat the ‘ring’ protected version and their is SafeDisc 2 on others - normal sheep ratings apply