New with vob

I’ve been working with avi and mpeg now, adding srt and sub subtitle files and getting the hang of it all. But now I have been given live footage of a friend’s band that had been burned to DVD and then ripped to share by their sound/vid engineer. Now he’s gone on another tour and I am trying to put this demo DVD back together for them.

I have, intact the original DVD files as such:


The cumulative size is 3.53Gig. From what I understand this file structure combine with its size means that this was a single layer burn and could be rebuilt in the same format. (Correct me if I am wrong, please.)

The reason that it had to be ripped and rebuilt was that the audio was added later from a recording off of the sound-board. But as I have it here (above), it is now complete and nothing need be edited or added. I would like to burn it just as it is (without loosing anything of course).

My Question: Can I simply burn these files to a DVD+R using NERO 6.0 Ultra?
Will this then work in my DVD player? Or do I have to find a way to convert it to an ISO image.

I’ve had to use WinMPG Video Converter to convert some avi files to mpeg for use in DVD-Lab Pro and was sorely disappointed in the loss of quality and the time it took - like 18 hours. I cannot suffer the picture or audio degradation for this project.

Please tell me these files are good to go…

What’s my next step?

Thanks everyone,

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If you belive its all in tact, throw the ifo’s, bups’ and vobs into a folder called VIDEO_TS. Use Nero Express to select the Folder> Add> and burn it - Done.

I threw them all into a VIDEO_TS folder and Nero seemed to like that well enough - the burn ran smoothly and all of the files are on the DVD. (None in a file Nero created called AUDIO_TS)

BUT: My DVD player cannot read it. After its first attempt to read the disk it reverts back to the default (machine, not movie) title screen and hangs. It doesn’t see any content on the DVD.

I can play the VOB fils from the DVD one at a time in DivX - sound is great too.

I use quality media and have had no trouble playing anything that would successfully burn until now.

Is there anything else I can try?

Sounds like the ifo’s are corrupted, badly authored or out of context with the vob’s. Grab the vob’s, put them in their own folder all on their own. Download ifoedit - Here. Run ifoedit and create new ones. Maybe burn to a DVD-RW to test it first.

I just ran Ifoedit on both IFO files (VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO -&- TS\VTS_01_0.IFO). I ran the auto-correct sequence as explained in the documentation. The app ran super-fast but didn’t notify me of any found, corrected or saved sectors in either IFO. The documentation explicitly states that if it had it would show me in detail what was corrupt and what it was going to fix when asking my consent to do so. :eek:

I am assuming that the files were good. I’m going to toy around with it some more and go through more of the Ifoedit docs, but would appreciate any suggestions. :doh:


When you want to burn a video dvd you must choose “video dvd”, not data dvd

Although I am new to using Nero to author DVD’s (used to use Sonic MyDVD Studio Delux and now also working with/learning DVDLab Pro) I believe that I selected the DVD-Video in Nero when I tried the initial burn… but I am not positive as it was my first run through. I have burned plenty of ISO images to CD for bootable apps (diagnostics, etc) but viewable DVD is a new animal to me.

Let me ask you this: I just went back into Ifoedit and was reading what was available on “region free” DVD. Since this was a direct from digital camera in the first place it doesn’t seem plausible that any protection like that would be automatically added the first time it was burned, correct? There is no reason to attempt to strip this is there? The film was shot and burned in Europe originally. Are there other regional settings/coding I have to be aware of.

Like I said above, the vid and audio play perfectly in DivX from my hard-drive…

I’m not an expert, but a cam self-made movie should be region-free.

To see if movie is correctly authored try to open with dvd shrink from HD; if it is not able to open it, then maybe there is an error on the movie.

DVDShrink opens it just fine. It even lists a title menu that I didn’t know was there (When I ran the video before I by opening the 1st VOB file into DviX). It shows he correct duration of the concert (01:52:48) and the right byte count (3,624Meg). DVDShrink can also play the vid and audio (audio is listed as AC3 2-ch Unspecified).

Where do we go from here?

So far I can watch this thing in every application that I have except on my DVD player. I am doing something wrong here. It doesn’t seem to be the files or the structure or the coding or the content… As a matter of fact, the picture and audio is unbelievably clear and perfectly synced.

Can you post a scan of the problematic disc?

Reauthor using something such as TMPGEnc DVD Author and/or try writing the disc using another software program. Also try different media and a different DVD player.


Using what utility? Or do you just want to see the file structure?

I’m not starting with MPEG or AVI files. I am starting out with a DVD structure (IFO, BUP, VOB…) So I don’t know if TMPGEnc DVD is what I need, and it aint cheep.

Check it out. I tried to play the DVD burn on two different players, mine and a friends’. Each is a new player with advanced features but they are also multiple CD players. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but this morning I pulled an older (2 years) single disk DVD player out of storage and with bated breath plugged it in and tried the new DVD burn.

It plays fine, although I am only getting sound out of the right channel (both channels of sound through that speaker and a hiss out of the other). I don’t know if there is anything I can do about spitting the channel. I may have to wait for the sound guy to get back off of tour to find out what happened with the DAT he added. But at least I have a working copy with both channels of sound (although mono) that plays on at least some DVD players.

One last question: Anyone know if this limited playing-ability is a product of Nero’s burn quality/method? Is this a hardware/DVD burner issue (Lighton DVD-RW 451s 4x)?

Everything else I have ever burned to DVD (with Sonic MyDVD Studio Delux) has worked fine anywhere I have played them. This appears specific to the Nero burns?

Any answers…

Sorry, I need some explanations.

  1. Do you have these ifo and vob files on your HD?

  2. Are you able to play correctly these files with some software like PowerDVD?

  3. To post a scan you should use cd-dvd speed. You can find here (it’s free and don’t require installation). REMEMBER: to do a scan you should use a DVD burner, because scans made with DVD reader aren’t reliable. After put disc in dvd burner, select “Disc quality tab” and then press start. After scan finish, press the button to obtain an image to post here.

  4. What media do you use (brand and mediacode). To see what is mediacode, use DVD Identifier. It’s also free.

If you can play these files from your HD, then the movie is correctly authored. If movie can’t play on a standalone dvd player, then is a media issue.