New Windows XP Install

I just installed new XP Pro and formatted the partition as I did the install, now I can’t find the Internet. Do I need to install new Drivers? Please help! Confused!!:frowning:

Yes you need to install drivers for the motherboard chipset. If the ethernet controller is integrated into the motherboard (99% of modern boards have one), then the drivers will be included as part of the package.

Use the cd that came with the motherboard, or download the newest ones from the net.

If you have an OEM machine, like a Dell or HP, go to their site and look up the drivers by your model number. If you have a home made machine, go to the motherboard manufacturer site for drivers.

Are you using wired or wireless? What router or modem are you using? Is it dial-up, cable, dsl? A little more information would be helpful.