New Windows OS, when?

Has anyone any info’ on the release of the next OS from Microsoft?

When is it rumoured to be, what will it be called, what new features might it have?

It’s called Vista and even Microsoft don’t have a clue when it will be out :eek:

I remember - or maybe I don’t - reading something a few months ago but it’s all hazy now :slight_smile:

Thought it might have been sort of common knowledge (in the inner circle) now!

beta build 5275 running here:same crap,different name :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
download of >2gb :a :a

Probably 2007. Or late 2006. But who cares, it’ll suck more than a black hole in space.

Isn’t it full of DRM crap?

full of ANY crap, including second taskbar and memory management that suxxs bigtime! :Z

Might stick with XP if an upgrade means being forced into an OS based on content protection.



Released a few days ago.

How do you guys get these downloads?

LOL :rolleyes:

got em from mr Gates’ pc called bittorrent :-p

i love computers

Hey Chriso, I can’t make out what your avatar is :confused: what is it mate?

It’s cool looking

Its the eyes of… of… of eyes!

Microsoft has distributed some copies to select companies, and my company is one of them - I have had colleagues official testers (not pirate testers :D) and I must say I am utterly f******* disappointed (I’m sorry for the harsh words), but honestly I understand this is a beta but Windows XP during beta build was by far better.

This is Microsoft’s cheap attempt at a bloody OS, full of bloatware basically…a bloody ripoff of MAC OS X, bloated crap that slow down your system…Who gives a two toss about the gaudy interface and crap - I always use the classic windows interface and disable all that sh*t !

I don’t understand why ANY of you are looking forward to this upcoming crippling, crap of an OS. It is full of DRM everywhere - Draconian Rights Mangled, and not only that, it will require hardware that is DRM/HDCP - you can kiss your old monitor goodbye if it don’t have HDCP (in the final build).

Not to mention more activation crap, more spying crap and you will absolutely need an internet connection.

Microsoft is eventually going to phase out its OS as we know it and start introducing server side, applications on demand - where part of the application will reisde on a server… This will make it even more difficult if not impossible for hackers.

Hackers or legit users will both be very unhappy with the OS - you are screwed either way.

Also so far VISTA SUCKS major balls in the sense it has trouble running a lot of the WinXP applications (for now)… Friends of mine in the industry are already getting news that some upcoming games and hardware will be strictly VISTA compatible… Once again, making Windows XP obsolete shortly after VISTA’s release…FORCING you to upgrade to that DRM infested CRAP, FORCING you to buy new hardware that includes built-in support for DRM…FORCING you to buy an HDCP capable monitor.

Best advice I can give people - stick to Windows XP for now, and as your next upgrade, make sure it is a console.

Well, nobody’s buying Vista right now simply because it’s far from being ready. There never was a new Microsoft OS that people welcomed. You say to stick to Windows XP but Windows XP had to go through a lot more harsh words. Windows 2000 and Windows ME weren’t that luck either. Windows 98 and Windows 95? You know how many people and so-called experts told users to stick to Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS. Or OS/2 or Mac.

By looking for this: FebCTP_5308_64bit_Main_Staged_DVD.iso or FebCTP_5308_32bit_Main_Staged_DVD.iso.

But there’s a 14-day activation. Doesn’t matter much as I can always re-partition HDDs.

BTW, the 64-bit version is a lot bigger. 3,854,499,840 bytes.

And that is COMPRESSED too - imagine a full install would take nearly twice that…Who the HELL wnats such a bloated OS.

You will have NO CHOICE to upgrade to VISTA if you want to play new games.

DirectX10 will not be backward compatible and on work on VISTA. Therefore, new games requiring the DX10 APi will only function in VISTA.

Don’t even think of running VISTA for games, because of the emulation software layer used and the lack of hardware acceleration for audio say hello to 5-15% performance drop… Thanks microsoft.

The DRM crap is only the beginning.

Also Microsoft said it would phase out XP soona nd stop releasing updates in 2007 if I am not mistaken.

You will be FORCED to update to VISTA…The final destination for the mark of the beast…

They should call it Microsoft Windows 666…

Lol :slight_smile:
No software company in the world is dim enough to support only a single OS. Especially if all potential customers are still using the old version.

WinXP was a large step up from Win2K, and there were lots of bugs, activation & bloatware instaleld in it.

Bugs were/are patched. Bloatware can be disabled, and annoying features can be disabled/cracked, just like XP’s activation.