New Windows 10 icons for Control Panel and Recycle Bin leak



We’ve just posted the following news: New Windows 10 icons for Control Panel and Recycle Bin leak[newsimage][/newsimage]

Screenshots published by a Chinese website show new icons in Windows 10 for the Control Panel and Recycle Bin.

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Looks like the interface of a child’s toy computer from a 90s. Keep on dumbing everything down Microsoft, the lowest common denominator is well within your reach.


And the sad thing is that Google and Apple are following suit with “flat” UIs for their operating systems, accompanied by garish colors and flashy, time-wasting animations. Displays that can show millions of beautiful colors, and they give us a basic palette that brings us back to the EGA video days. :frowning:


That’s the part I don’t get about Microsoft and their quest to dumb the desktop down to 8 colors or less.

Today’s average power phones can likely display the full Win 7 Aero glass without even noticing and they’re getting more powerful all the time. So why are Microsoft going the other way, and then copying it onto the desktop where there’s even more power to have a nice desktop experience??


And it is not just that… when I compare Office 2013 with Office 2010, the former causes a lot more strain on my eyes than the latter. Thus, Office 2010 remains the last suitable version. Flat-looking user interfaces and user controls with hardly discernible edges lost in huge fields of glaring whiteness… can you imagine whitish flat controls on an all-white touch control panel of a nuclear power-plant?
Why do not they make them if it is such a wonderful design idea?

Granted, all the effects may require a significant amount of power, and it is quite reasonable to have them disabled in mobile devices to conserve the charge in their accumulator batteries, but why am I prevented from enabling them on my water-cooled desktop computer, always connected to the mains, in order to increase my productivity?!


New Windows 10 icons for Control Panel and Recycle Bin leak

They sure leak…they are leaking their colors…literally!:bigsmile::bigsmile:


I do like the old Win7 Trash can…are they trying to be like a Apple Trashcan now??? It looks ugly…


I wonder if I could just use Digital Research’s GEM desktop to get more color. I’ll bet when Windows 10 is superseded by Windows (insert name that’s even stupider than “10” here), I’ll be comparing it to the Xerox Alto. Meanwhile, Microsoft will be trying to convince us that this design is “as modern as modern can be”.

PS: IDK about anyone else, but I refuse to buy into the argument that uglier interfaces have anything to do with power management. Granted, a large quantity of unneeded animations and effects will probably make the device work harder, but simply using more than one color is ridiculous. If developers want less battery usage, they should focus on minimizing the use of RAM, CPU, etc., instead of using less color.


Haha…That UI really looks childish. I like the flat UI, but not a childish one.