New Windows 10 feature blocks applications that are not installed from the Windows Store -

Microsoft will add a feature to Windows 10 that will only allow applications from the Windows Store , similar how Apple only allows apps from its App Store. The functionality should increase the security of the operating system by blocking the installation of software from unknown sources.

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LOL, Microsoft wants to force everyone into their store regime in an effort to duplicate the Apple store. I wonder if they will take it all the way to hardware as well :bigsmile:

Good thing it is off by default…for now.

I’m sure someone, somewhere is already working on a means to disable this, if they make it “mandatory”

Boot Linux distro disk, answer yes to “do you want to format the disk”

The “Millenials” might buy into this garbage but we old farts that actually know how a computer works and god forbid want to have control as to how one works are going to go through a lot of coffee waiting for Windoze disks to format.

Forcing users to get apps from only one source ought to be illegal. The fact that it isn’t goes to show how little “democratic” governments seem to care about users’ rights nowadays (doesn’t money in politics suck?). As for me, i have been blessed by the Unix gods of freedom. Praise Richard Stallman!

Let’s not put the blame on any one generation for falling victim to app stores like this. After all, I’m sure there are plenty of non-millennials who will happily bend over and take it. This isn’t an issue of one generation vs another, so let’s not make it one!

PS: *I* am a millennial. And I don’t like this walled garden any more than you.

It’s the Boomers and GenXers who bought Microsoft’s crap in the 90’s, resulting in their dominant position today. Had they not bought Windows 95 en masse, and Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 and 8, then we would have competition in the desktop/laptop OS market significant enough that they couldn’t do such corrupt things like force users to their walled garden.

They should have been sued over the poor security of Win95 and 98, they should have been broken up over anti-trust concerns at that same time. Had we still a viable Commodore, an Apple actually interested in capturing PC market share, and a couple of Linux-based vendors with a significant enough market share to force software support, then Microsoft would never even attempt something so dangerously stupid as what they’re doing now.

It’s the same with malware riddled software, limited activations, and malware-riddled DVDs and CDs that prevent fair use operations such as format shifting. Had the majority of people told the idiots selling them to shove it, and refused to buy into their demands, then they either would have changed to accommodate the market, or gone out of business in favor of companies that did do business legitimately.

Speaking as one that just barely qualifies as a Millennial, whose ran Linux as an OS for more than a decade, and as the only OS for 5 years.

There was a reason for the former generations choosing Windows over say Linux back in the day of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. First and foremost it was due to lack of software available for other operating systems, while it is not so much of an issue these days, the casual computer user will stick to what he or she is used to. This is largely helped by the corporate market and to illustrate, in my experience, employees in a corporate environment based on OS-X are likely to also use the operating system in the private sphere.

When it comes to the store, people simply don’t care anymore and this is not locked to Millenials or any other generation exclusively. It is correct that the younger you are, the less interesting the privacy and security concerns seem to be…generally that is.

I have chosen to fight Windows 10 from within and choose to not use the store for principal reasons. It will lead to less freedom of choice for software if it ‘takes over’ which contradicts the very reason I enjoy the OS. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many bad things about Windows 10 I just have to be there for the time being and so I fought and won… For the time being…