New Windows 10 downloader through Windows Update



We’ve just posted the following news: New Windows 10 downloader through Windows Update[newsimage][/newsimage]

It seems Microsoft has is determined to push users towards Windows 10 and issued another downloader through Windows 10 that will no doubtedly annoy many users.

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How do you feel about this?

Well,that systray icon doesn’t really disturb me,and after been a windows OS user for so many years,I’m very glad that I finally get an OS for free from M$… :smiley:


This was/is an optional update. You have to ask it to install.


3035583 was an optional one by default. The 2nd version of 3035583 wasn’t and 2952664 on w7 isn’t either. It’s marked as recommended and will install with normal updates. It did for for me on w7.

@roadworker: i like the fact that they are offering it for free too, but i DONT like the fact HOW they are doing things. Force a downloader down our throats, without speficially telling that in the kb description? That doesn’t sit well with me. You also can’t disable that tray icon without uninstalling the kb. I’d much rather see a clear description in the respective kb’s, offer the splash screen ONCE and give the option to not show it again and disable the tray icon. For the ones that DO want it, i’d rather see a followup email with a link to the iso download or something than downloaded files immediately.

Though we don’t actually know yet WHAT the downloader will download, an iso or just update files. It’s just HOW they are doing things that i don’t like.


Actually, the 8.1 one was last updated last month, the 7 one in April and neither one contains any of the GWX files. Those KBs were probably just reissued for this month’s round of updates. Don’t know how the Windows 10 dowloader got re-activated, but it certainly wasn’t this KB.


well it was for w7, i verified this myseff. Didn’t have 3035583 on my system but 2952664 was installed. Uninstalled that 2952664 one and boom, splash screen v2 was gone. Can’t speak for w8 but it DOES apply to w7