New Winamp classic version released, fixes some problems

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Odie used our news submit to tell us
that a new version of Winamp 2 has been released a few days ago. According to
the Winamp website this new version, 2.91, has the following…

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i like the older 2.x Version more than the boring 3.x Release

This still doesn’t fix a bug where I cannot play OGGs created with Ogg 1.0 encoded within EAC, although OGG 1.0 encoded within Cdex play fine, and both use the same exact codec.

does eac slap some kind of extra header on that winamp doesnt expect?

@Rhelic: Paste this in your browser for your answer:
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Winamp 2.91 does a better job at videos than Winamp3. In Winamp 3, some clips had the sound and video out of sync. For OGG, I use EAC to rip the tracks and title the WAV’s, command line OGGEnc to encode them and VorbisTools to tag them :wink: All work well in Winamp 2.91. I use command line for nearly everthing since DOS 3.1 (before even Windows 3.1 days). To encode every WAV file in the current directory at 128kbps VBR, type the following :d: for %f in (*.wav) do oggenc “%f” -q4