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Neofonie’s WePad tablet came out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago, but raised skeptical eyebrows because there was no evidence of the product in action. Now, the company has demonstrated its Android-based user interface on actual hardware, and it works.

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Here is a breakdown of what he says:

-He explains that the ipad is portrait orientated and the wepad is lanscape. Then he says that with the ipad button your hand must always leave the tablet, and he finds theirs is much better as you can keep both hands on the tablet and still use your thumbs to navigate.
-The applications are “live” (Ex, weather)
-Each application can be used as-is on the home page whereas the ipad you actually have to start google earth to scroll through a map
-there are left and right navigation bars
-The wepad also has multitasking, so he shows IE and you could open up office to use at the same time.
-I didnt quite catch what he said about the youtube and newspaper part, except you can use full screen for vids.
-The shopping part with OTTO is a preinstalled software, so you wouldnt be able to do the same with walmart or amazon :slight_smile:
-You can bring up a grid to move your homescreen icons/apps around to where you want them. (somewhat like iGoogle)
-widgets are easily installed
-I also didnt quite understand what the “Ads” were about. How I understood it is that it can be that the company offering the products in the ads can decide weather or not the ad will stay, and for how long. Perhaps someone else can clarify this? (I am english mothertonque, and I never ever had a course in german)
-He says the system can be preinstalled with softwares from the company from which it was bought. Example: If you bought a Wepad from Mcdonalds, excpect it to have popup lunch menu, pictures of burgers, googlemaps showing the nearest MickeyD’s, etc.
-there seems to be photocell sensor to adjust the brightness if its sunny or dark
-Funny, he gets an error that says “The program “splash screen” ended unexcpectedly”.
–You can use an external keyboard and mouse

-theres USB which Ipad doesnt have.
-It can be sold for whatever price anyone wants to sell it for.
-Its more like windows with folders and such, not like ipad.

The last 5 minutes they are just talking back and forth about “OTTO” shopping. Perhaps this will be sold in OTTO :slight_smile:

. What I dont see is a stylus. In the video the man had several problems with his finger alone.


Sweet, thanks for translating Zzyzxroad!


Awesome, thanks for the breakdown!


You are right. The apps at the homescreen can be pre-installed by a content provider, e.g. a newspaper or an onlineshop or 3G provider. Like mobile phones, the WePad can be sold much cheaper, the content provider put their widgets on the homescreen,. You cant delete them for a special time e.g. 2 years. But that is only an option. If you buy the WePad at the full price, no restrictions were made.
Its just a way of customer connection.
You can connect everthing, what is connectable by USB, harddisks, DVD-players, printers, scanners, …
There is also an english video of the last press event: