New Website, New Version, New Names, New Purchase Options for DVDFab

Here are some changes and advancements for the DVDFab community.

The completely redesigned website is open to the public after many weeks of construction, so please take a look.
It has a clean new look and lots of new content and features, including a Blog and the new “User Control Center”

There you can download your registration key and also change your e-mail address if you need to, on your first visit to the user control center you will need to activate your user account

To activate your user account just click on the register link provided on the web page and follow the instructions, remember you will need the e-mail address used during the purchase of the DVDFab product.

User control center->

The DVDFab product names have been updated to reflect changes in the way people use the products and
look for them with search engines. This is primarily a marketing change and the underlying products are the
same. Here is a summary:

DVD to DVD is now DVD Copy
Blu-ray to Blu-ray is now Blu-ray Copy
DVD to Mobile is now DVD Ripper
Blu-ray to Mobile is now Blu-ray Ripper
File to Mobile is now Video Converter
File Mover is now File Transfer

With these changes are also some new purchasing options. It is no longer required to have
a “parent” product to have the Ripper version, for example, Blu-ray Ripper can be purchased
as a standalone product without purchasing Blu-ray Copy. This change was made in response
to requests and comments from many prospective and current users. This also reflects changes
in the usage patterns of the products as technology changes. The pricing for the “Ripper” products
has been increased slightly due to their standalone status, but this is partially offset by the
“Package Deals” available on the website (see the laft-hand side of the home page), and the 20%
discount is still available with the “Package” discount, for greater savings.

To mark these changes, all DVDFab products have a new version number, version 8.x. They are
basically an update from the v7.5.x.x beta versions that have been available for several weeks.

We hope these changes, especially the new website, will enhance your experience as a DVDFab user, and
as always, we appreciate your continued support of the DVDFab product line.