New ways to promote artists, put the CDs in soft drink caps!

I just posted the article New ways to promote artists, put the CDs in soft drink caps!.

Some light news to start off this morning as Crabbyappleton lets us know that an independent recording label, promoting pop singer Rachel Farris, is using a new method of promotion…

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And yes, the straw for the soft drink fits through the hole in the middle of the disc
So you can drink and throw the can away including CD afterwards :d

Does this mean the drinks are gonna cost more? :frowning:

What a way to waste the Earth’s resources.

“The whole industry is in such a state of flux,” said Bill Edwards, whose Big3 Records is financing the Farris promotion. “It’s kind of a tough situation, especially for an independent label, to get music played, because we’re vying against everyone else in the world.” Us little people out looking for work go through this shitfight every day Bill… what you need is a cows cunt pulled over your head and let a bull fuck some sense into ya…:X

Almost fell off my chair with your “down to earth” comment Sheriff! Hehehe…

fuck the music industry… someone please tell me why artists get fucking royalties anyway… keep getting paid over and over for a job done once… you dont see carpenters, or brick layers getting checks for life , for doing a one time job… i have no sympathy for these artists… welcome to the real world

I have been hearing that the problem is the artists aren’t getting paid for copyrighted material. We should be able to dl a song and send the artist 12 cents. Then lets see if the RIAA can live with that. Plus it would be fun to see a news clip of one of these stars carrying the thousands of 12 cent checks in a wheelbarrow to the bank. Hopefully many being blown away in a high wind :d
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Aside from the negative enviornmental impact, The CDs would be useless most of the time. Think about it, you go to buy a coke, there’s always a bit spilled onto the lid…

These they give away for free, but a full CD costs 25 euros, go figure.